International forum “Youth sharing memories of stalinism and its victims”

At the end of september, 27-29 2010 a small town of Faenza welcomed a forum “Youth sharing memories of stalinism and its victims” . The forum was extremely interesting, the following people were invited – a plenipotentiary and extraordinary ambassador to Slovakia Stanislav Valo, famous serbian and albanian writers Dragoslav Mihailovic’, Dunja Badnevic’, Fatos Lubonja, as well as croatian, lithuanian, italian, ucrainian scientists. The writers Dragoslav Mihailovic’ and Dunja Badnevic’ told us about their books devoted to Goly-otok, a yugoslavian camp of political prisoners (Goly-otok means a “Naked island”). There were 60 thousands of political prisoners in Goly-otok and 15 thousands were executed.  Dunja Badnevic’ devoted her book to her father and named it “Goly-otok”, while Dragoslav Mihailovic’ managed to survive and witnessed all the camp’s horrors afterwards. On this forum a number of Ph.D. students from Ljublana, Zagreb, Moscow, Vilnius, Padova presented their reports. Their presentations were devoted to a period of history of the 20-50th years of the 20th century when an overwhelming repressions embraced Slovenia, Lithuania, Croatia. This forum was also popular among students who actively participated in discussions. Thanks to this conference we also managed to watch a number of films, for example, a film “With much love and kisses” was devoted to one of the GULAG camps – Solovki and a film “Socialist Albania” was depicting a radical stalinism in Albania. A nongovernmental organization “Memorial” from St.Petersburg, Russia was invited to participate as well. That is the first organization in Russia which created a museum devoted to memories of stalinism victims. Irina Flige and Tatyana Pritykina presented their reports on the aims of the NGO “Memorial” as well as on a project of a virtual museum “GULAG”( I was interpreting them). Several years ago a number of searchers were conducted in the office of the organization, and all the hardwares with precious information were damaged. I’d like to stress that “Memorial” is not wanted by our authorities. In conclusion,  my own emotions on this forum were pretty strong. I started to commemorate the “Odin den of Ivan Denisovich” and the “Matrenin Dvor” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn which i read at school, but then i understood that i am longing for a mature perception of that period and turned to “Archipelag  GULAG”.

Постовой: К счастью, существует экзотический маникюр и педикюр и это украшает нашу серую повседневность.

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