On the 22-23rd of October an International conference at Forli “The European Union and Russia in the post-soviet area: shared neighborhood or battlefield of influence?”

ЕС - РоссияInternational conference took place at the main hotel of the city in Forli. Distinguished quests were invited from Russia, Lithuania, Italy, the USA and Ucraine. Working languages of the conference were both english and russian. Simultaneous interpreters were serving us, and hereby, i would like to remind that this type of interpreting is the most complicated and the most well-paid, since the interpreter is working in a restricted timing conditions in a special soundproofing cabin. The high status of the conference is also conditioned on by reporters.  Thus, presentations were performed by the european Member of Parliament (1 of 735) from Lithuania, recotrs and professors from MGIMO-University under Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian State Humanitarian University, Higher School of Economics, Universities of Pisa, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Vilnius as well as Columbia University in New York and University of Rhode Island. I’d like to stress that moscow professors idealized political situation in Russia, this is most probably conditioned on by their patriotism, though a very cosmpolitan russian student called it nationalism. Also a confrontation took place when an italian professor who was  supposedly working under Mussolini compared Russia with nazi Germany. Well, that was not the first time when for such kind of statments people lost their offices. For example, in 2002 the Minister of Justice in Germany, Gertha Doubler experienced that when she compared Bush with Hitler. Let’s be more politically correct!I’d like to mention also some words on Oxana Gaman-Golutvina,a MGIMO professor, Head of a scientific council, Vice-president of Russian Political Science Association and a very elegant woman. She is one of the leading professors of contemporary Russia, and when i have possibilities i always choose her sections, it is extremenly interesting to work with her. We’ve exchanged our coordinates and i am happy since it is high time  to get some reviews on my book.

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