Contemporary global agenda: revolution in Libya

Libya is a sovereign nation, is the Maghreb region country in the north of Africa and their internal affairs are none of someone’s business. Let’s remember the main principles of international law: “States shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations”. (

Meanwhile, the resolution of the Security Council of the UN №1973 оn imposing a no-fly zone,  assets arresting,  (Central Bank of Libya, Libyan Investment Authority, Libyan Foreign Bank, Libyan Africa Investment Portfolio, Libyan National Oil Corporation etc), оn travel ban, on launching, as of now, 112 tomahawk missiles at 20 Libyan targets from U.S. witnesses the violation of international law principles ( The resolution was adopted by a vote of 10 in favor to none against, with 5 abstentions (BRIC + Germany).

Today’s warships in the Mediterranean (submarines of NATO allies, French aircraft carrier  “Charles de Gaulle”) are clear acts of war, while having the U.N. state that it’s interests are somehow aligned with humanitarian principles is obvious doublespeak and a gross manipulation, as usual, of reality. As for the U.N. going from no-fly zones to warships launching missiles, this is rabid hypocrisy on the part of the long ago discredited corporate front known as the United Nations.

Here are some economic indexes of Libya under Qadhafi ( GDP per capita — 14 192 $. A donation for each member of family – 1 000 $. Unemployment allowance — 730 $. Salary of a nurse — 1 000 $. A donation for a new-born  7 000 $. Newly-married get 64 000 $ as a present for buying a flat. For personal business needs – 20 000 $. High taxes are prohibited. Education and medicine are for free. Education and internships abroad are covered by the state. Huge fines for selling out products which are sold after best before. Partially pharmacies give medicine for free. Pharmacy forgery – death penalty. Housing rent is of no use. Electricity is for free. Selling of alcohol and drinking are forbidden. Credits for buying a car or a flat are percentage-free . Real estate service is prohibited. State pays out 50% for a new car. Petroleum is cheaper than water (1 liter of petroleum – 0,14 $).

Let me remind you that when September 11 tragedy has happened, Qadhafi made a move, a friendly move, and gave away to Americans 14 missiles with the nuclear heads. To the big surprise of everybody, Iraq didn’t have nuclear weapons, but Libya received it wither from the friendly Koreans or developed by the Ukrainian scientists. If Qadhafi knew beforehand how friendly towards him will be in the future both (Berlusconi and Obama who received the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2009), he would have kept these guns a bit longer “just in case”. By now, noone knows how many of such kind of missiles he has.

Qadhafi is no doubt a petty dictator. However, he has stated that he would give full amnesty to rebel soldiers who laid down there weapons: “We do not want to get involved in a civil war in North Africa” ( He also has accused the corporate entities known as “governments”, using their front agency, the U.N., to be after Libyan oil, Africa’s largest oil producer: “The colonialist countries are hatching a plot to humiliate the Libyan people, reduce them to

slavery and control the oil” (  And as a result we have a new Central Bank of Libya created by the rebellions or the globalists. There are only some independent banks left in Iran, Cuba, Sudan and Northern Korea ( The rebellions or the globalists also created a new oil corporation that has replaced the one of Qadhafi, whose assets were frozen by the Security Council of the USA. Qadhafi gave up nuclear capabilities, this is verifiable, even in mainstream media: “Libya’s nuclear program’s progress has suffered from mismanagement, lack of spare parts, and the reluctance of foreign suppliers to provide assistance, particularly since the UN embargo went into effect in 1992.” (

As for Qadhafi bombing civilians, this is yet to be independently verified as far as I’ve looked. Let me remind you of the claim that Saddam’s troops were throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait during the first gulf war, which was proven wartime propaganda (

In conclusion, this  isn’t about bad little dictators or oil even, its about global banker hegemony. There is a complete and total information war going on, even admitted by Hillary Clinton. Destabilizing of the region is the most important goal which is tried to be achieved by global banking hegemony. First, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, obviously, the US elite is interested in Chinese allied destabilization. Such destabilization signifies a global redistribution of states’ influence. Let me also remind the article of Noam Chomsky who highlighted dynamic development of cooperation of China with other oil exporting countries, for example, Libya and Egypt, giving Chinese companies concessions on oil extracting.

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