Hello, this is my blog and i am pleased to welcome you here – I am Maria.

Since childhood i’ve been interested in english language, that is why i started learning it when i got 5 years old, and when i managed to get into a hospital at the same age, i already was teaching its personnel. Years later i graduated a philologycal liceum, where my teacher of literature inspired me a lot, thank you, Lydmila Alekseevna!In the lyceum i’ve been studying latin language for 3 years and this fact lead to my passionate love of italian language. I’ve been always interested in italian language  though also managed to study finnish (6 months) and swedish (4 years). I’ve been also interested in international relations, thus, i was enrolled without any difficulties at Petrozavodsk State University, Chair of International Relaitons. Having graduated the University, I’ve received a diploma both in international relations and as  a russian-english interpeter (i’ve made consecutive interpretations for a number of international conferences). Already being a sophomore, i knew that i wanna continue with Ph.D. studies, that is why i entered a Ph.D. programme.  Being a Ph.D. student i was awarded scholarships: by TEMPUS TACIS project “UNEGO” to hold on my research at the University of Genova, Italy, and by the Swedish Institute in the framework of Visby programme.  I’ve also received 5 certificates from Stanford University  in the  framework of a distant-learning project. Being a Ph.D. student I was also awarded a Medal of Russian Ministry for Education and Research since my master thesis won in the nomination “the best scientific paper” in the section of political science among 600 Russian Universities. Afterwards, I defended my Ph.D. thesis  successfully in “Political problems of international relations and global development” at St.Petersburg State University.  Right now i am running my postdoc programme here at the University of Bologna, Institute for the Eastern and Central Europe and Balcans (award by Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window). More info is available via link http://www.iecob.net/main/visiting-fellows/253-pitukhina-maria-. I am writing books, publishing articles in russian and english, studying italian language. So far, i have authored 1 book “Italy chooses the EU”. All my articles you might find in the category “International relations” of this blog.

I also have working experience. Being a student I’ve worked as assistant manager of the Council of Ministers of Nordic Countries under the supervision of Mari Benktson, then, after University graduation I’ve worked as a manager of Canadian Studies Center. Alongside with my lecturing experience (4 years) at Petrozavodsk State University (2006-2010), I’ve been a manager of International Center for Political and Social Research. Being a lecturer, i elaborated 4 disciplines – “political science”, “decision-making process: political perspective”, “world politics”, “contemporary global problems”. And again i was lecturing for various students: engineers, politologists, historians, philologists, economists. From 2007-2010, I’ve been a secretary of the Karelian brunch for Russian Academy of Political Science. For some months i was also working as a Vice-dean but then left for Italy.

An idea to create a blog appeared spontaneously. Though, i might concentrate on the following reasons – an inspiration by Italy ( i can’t  stop being  its fan every time i visit it), objective contemporary realia that today one has his/her own blog, a strong wish to write down a book . Yes, why not, Italy inspired not only me but Dostoevsky, Gorky, Gogol. Many would ask me why my blog has such a strange name. I am not going into details so far, just wanna tell that this year i am living in Italy, Emilia-Romagna,and my favourite pizza which is awesomely made in Forli is called “capriocious” (capricciosa).

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